Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tool #11

1.  I really enjoyed getting to learn how to use Google Docs.  I will be able to make a presentation, for example, an explanation of Slow, Go and Whoa foods.  The students will then be able to find a picture of each one of those foods and post it to the presentation with an explanation of what it is and why it is in that category.  I'm also excited about hopefully skype-ing with another campus somewhere in the country that utilizes an Action Based Learning Lab.  I'm looking forward to seeing their data tracking devices and also the improvements that have come out of the program.  

2.  This program has really opened my mind about technology in the classroom.  Although it can be overwhelming at times, 11 Tools really broke it down, didn't talk over my head and I was able to figure things out on my own!  There are so many different programs that can be so intimidating, but SBISD has really made it easy by breaking down all of the sites.  I would like to utilize technology more in the Health Fitness classroom, by showing videos to making videos.  Online apps can also be used as a station to get students interested in health and physical activity.  Other than changing my own personal mindset, I think I have everything I'll need to accommodate the 21st century learner.  

3.  It always seems very hard to incorporate technology into a Health Fitness classroom.  This being my first year using the Action Based Learning curriculum, I was confused about how to tie it all in.  But, now I know that I can use resources online and other teachers across the country in order to improve what goes on in the classroom.  I'm excited to get started!  

Tool #10

The three things I will discuss with my students about being good digital citizens are:
- Everyone has signed a district code of conduct and we must abide by that code. Anything that you look up online can be tracked by the district. Everyone in SBISD that uses a technological device on the Internet represents the school district as a whole and we need to be thankful we have the opportunities we do, but stay within the boundaries of the district code.
- While the Internet can be a very useful tool, there are also bad people out there that will take advantage of you. Do not give out any personal information to anyone, no matter what they say, and stay on the district approved sites. BrainPop is a great site for students to spend time on.
- As you continue getting older, you will want to get more involved in the social media sites (Facebook, twitter, etc.). Anything you post on the Internet will follow you forever. Be smart about the pictures and status updates you post. More and more employers are looking into these social media sites to see what type of person you are away from work. Be very, very smart about what you post as it will follow you for a very long time.

While most of the activity in my classes will be physical, I will use resources like BrainPop as a way to teach the students about the importance of being good digital citizens.

I've taught kids in the past who have done really dumb things while on the school network and have been punished according to the student handbook standards. It just isn't worth it. I would use some of those students as examples, as if anyone has had a family member that has been affected by something they did on the Internet, etc. I always try to bring in a personal touch when teaching about the importance of being a good citizen. Again, we are examples of SBISD and we want to make the district look great!

It is always good to discuss iSafe with parents. Some parents use technology in their daily lives, but others do not. Parents need to be aware of what their children are doing on the Internet. I will send home some websites they can visit for more information as well as tips on how to protect yourselves/your children. It is always beneficial to have a campus-wide technology night in order to walk the parents through not only what their children are doing in the classroom but also ways to track what they are doing at home.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tool #9

1. I think it is important to tie technology to the objective because we live in the most advanced society ever. In order to prevent boredom in the classroom, we have to be able to keep up with everything that intrigues our students. Technology is only going to increase and education has to keep up with the times in order to produce successful students.

2. Students should be held accountable for the stations/centers in order to get credit for putting time into the lesson and also to be sure they are staying on task. Some students might want to try to do other things while online, so creating open ended questions or having students share about their experiences in the stations/centers keeps focus on getting the assignment done/quality time spent using the station.

3. I like the Learning Games for Kids as they have a Health section for games, as well as Study Ladder. One group can be focusing on a certain skill, such as balance, another group could be coming up with ideas of how to practice balance, while another group could be using the computers. Study Ladder has a built in assessment to monitor progress. I could also utilize Google Docs to have the students answer questions on the games.

4. Discovery Channel and iMovie can really be helpful in a Health Fitness setting. I could use them as stations by dividing the class into 2-3 groups. Recording a movie around campus about different places to practice certain skills could be used as accountability, as well as writing a paragraph about what they learned about their own personal health.

5. The iPod Touch and iPad can also be used to watch videos on BrainPop. They can both be used to video different things we do in class as a group and as individuals.

Tool #8

After watching the videos/tutorials on the devices I'll have in my classroom this fall, I have learned:
  -The laptops have webcams already installed in them so there is no need to have to       
    carry around an webcam.  This is very convenient! 
  -I learned how to sync everything from an iPad/iPod Touch to the laptop.  
  -I learned that the laptops has a projector port in order to display videos on different
   movements/activities on the wall in the lab.  

Once I get to know the students and seek advice from other teachers, I plan on having a manager in each classroom that takes care of the devices.  I will not have as many devices as other teachers, so I'm sure one student every 6-9 weeks will be fine.  Students can learn so much information with these devices and are so much more advanced than I am, so I plan on learning a lot from them.  

Tool #7

Students are always thrilled to use technology in the classroom...especially when they are the stars!  Once I get settled in to the curriculum and comfortable with the students, I'd absolutely love to get involved with other Action Based Learning campuses around the state and around the country.  Skype would be a great tool for this!  Being able to Skype with the brains behind Action Based Learning, Jean Blades Madigan and Cindy Hess, would also be neat.  I'm sure they love to see their research at work!  

As stated above (and because I'm really not sure which other campuses in Houston, if any, have an Action Based Learning Lab), I want to find another classroom that does exactly what we will be doing at CBE.  The project would consist of students coming up with 2-3 activities that require higher level thinking as well as one of the core concepts of the Action Based Learning Lab (balance, coordination, body awareness).  The students would Skype as a class with another class/watching them for a few minutes and vice versa.

Objective:  Evaluate student creativity to come up with higher level thinking skills and movement activities.  
Time frame:  January/February 2013
Tools:  Laptops, Skype, Learning Lab necessities 
Description:  Students will research different action based activities that promote brain cell growth and utilize these to build their core components in the Learning Lab.  They will then share their ideas and implementations with another class that uses a Learning Lab.  
Once I feel comfortable with the curriculum (as this is my first year using it), I'll locate other campuses that use a Learning Lab, compare results/test score improvement as well as discuss which other teachers on that campus use Action Based Learning in their classrooms.  

Tool #6

I used to create a wall that the students can post on about healthy eating habits and types of physical activity that they enjoy.  Therefore, we can try to incorporate something that everyone enjoys into the Health Fitness classes in some way.  The students today use technology so much that I know they will more than likely enjoy doing this.  Evidently, for some reason, I'm having a hard time embedding the image of my wall.  :(

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="400px" style="border: 1px solid #999999"></iframe>

Skype is also a great tool to use.  I'm hoping that some of the other schools that have Action Based Learning Labs around the state and country use Skype as a resource so that we can collaborate and learn from each other.  

Anything technology-based in today's society seems to encourage participation.  Keeping up with teachers makes students feel more involved in the classroom topics.  

Tool #5

I created a Wordle using some common words the students will hear in the Action Based Learning Lab.  All of these terms will be discussed throughout the school year.

I also created a motivational poster for exercise with  

I can use both of these tools in the classroom for wall art as well as using the comic strip creators for giving students different scenarios and having them create a comic strip out of it.  This will help develop refusal skills and healthy nutrition decisions.  

Tool #4

Google Apps is a really neat tool that can be beneficial when used in the classroom. It will be useful to track students accomplishments both in the gym for Health Fitness and also in the Action Based Learning Lab. It is also a great way to provide definitions to parents and students for activities we do in class. I am excited about using the forms, spreadsheets and documents with the students.

Tool #3

I explored YouTube, Discovery Education and TeacherTube, as well as some of the major news networks (MSNBC, ABC News).  I like the content and diversity of things on YouTube and they are usually pretty simple to download.  Above is a cute song by The Learning Station that students can do as a brain warm up in Health Fitness.  Some schools, like the one in the video, perform the funny song about body part location for parent nights.

This video reviews the scary statistics that we are faced with in the current obesity epidemic and reasons why some people think we as a nation have gotten to this point.  There are numerous factors involved in body weight.

Most of the copyright and fair use policies have remained similar to some of the technology classes I had in college.  If you remain on sites like picasa and other sites that you know are safe or require attribution, you should be good to go.

The Dropbox could be utilized in my classroom just by being able to use health and fitness photos on my home computer at school.  It is a neat way to be able to share things without having to email them all to yourself.

Tool #2

I visited some blogs of people at CBE that I'll be working with next year.  There is so much learning that can take place in an online community.  When searching for different blogs online, I realized some people/companies are very good about posting regularly, while others are very sporadic.  I don't feel completely comfortable about posting thoughts so publicly, but know that this will get me out of my comfort zone.  The etiquette tips were very helpful.

I'll be following different blogs such as Spark PE and the Action Based Learning Lab blogs, as well as using Facebook.  Each of the sites has different health and wellness tips as well as links to other great learning sites.  Through Facebook, I'm connected to other Health Fitness teachers who I look to for advice and solutions.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tool #1

While I have numerous friends that blog, I have never actually created one myself.  The overall process was pretty simple, although it is not as technologically advanced as some others I've seen.  I have never heard of voki before and am glad I got the experience to use that resource.  It is amazing the things that we can do online these days!  The videos and instructions were easy to follow.  The layout on my blog, at first, was different than the voki video, but I figured it out.