Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tool #7

Students are always thrilled to use technology in the classroom...especially when they are the stars!  Once I get settled in to the curriculum and comfortable with the students, I'd absolutely love to get involved with other Action Based Learning campuses around the state and around the country.  Skype would be a great tool for this!  Being able to Skype with the brains behind Action Based Learning, Jean Blades Madigan and Cindy Hess, would also be neat.  I'm sure they love to see their research at work!  

As stated above (and because I'm really not sure which other campuses in Houston, if any, have an Action Based Learning Lab), I want to find another classroom that does exactly what we will be doing at CBE.  The project would consist of students coming up with 2-3 activities that require higher level thinking as well as one of the core concepts of the Action Based Learning Lab (balance, coordination, body awareness).  The students would Skype as a class with another class/watching them for a few minutes and vice versa.

Objective:  Evaluate student creativity to come up with higher level thinking skills and movement activities.  
Time frame:  January/February 2013
Tools:  Laptops, Skype, Learning Lab necessities 
Description:  Students will research different action based activities that promote brain cell growth and utilize these to build their core components in the Learning Lab.  They will then share their ideas and implementations with another class that uses a Learning Lab.  
Once I feel comfortable with the curriculum (as this is my first year using it), I'll locate other campuses that use a Learning Lab, compare results/test score improvement as well as discuss which other teachers on that campus use Action Based Learning in their classrooms.  

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