Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tool #8

After watching the videos/tutorials on the devices I'll have in my classroom this fall, I have learned:
  -The laptops have webcams already installed in them so there is no need to have to       
    carry around an webcam.  This is very convenient! 
  -I learned how to sync everything from an iPad/iPod Touch to the laptop.  
  -I learned that the laptops has a projector port in order to display videos on different
   movements/activities on the wall in the lab.  

Once I get to know the students and seek advice from other teachers, I plan on having a manager in each classroom that takes care of the devices.  I will not have as many devices as other teachers, so I'm sure one student every 6-9 weeks will be fine.  Students can learn so much information with these devices and are so much more advanced than I am, so I plan on learning a lot from them.  

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