Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tool #9

1. I think it is important to tie technology to the objective because we live in the most advanced society ever. In order to prevent boredom in the classroom, we have to be able to keep up with everything that intrigues our students. Technology is only going to increase and education has to keep up with the times in order to produce successful students.

2. Students should be held accountable for the stations/centers in order to get credit for putting time into the lesson and also to be sure they are staying on task. Some students might want to try to do other things while online, so creating open ended questions or having students share about their experiences in the stations/centers keeps focus on getting the assignment done/quality time spent using the station.

3. I like the Learning Games for Kids as they have a Health section for games, as well as Study Ladder. One group can be focusing on a certain skill, such as balance, another group could be coming up with ideas of how to practice balance, while another group could be using the computers. Study Ladder has a built in assessment to monitor progress. I could also utilize Google Docs to have the students answer questions on the games.

4. Discovery Channel and iMovie can really be helpful in a Health Fitness setting. I could use them as stations by dividing the class into 2-3 groups. Recording a movie around campus about different places to practice certain skills could be used as accountability, as well as writing a paragraph about what they learned about their own personal health.

5. The iPod Touch and iPad can also be used to watch videos on BrainPop. They can both be used to video different things we do in class as a group and as individuals.

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